A SMART Negotiation Service Platform

RoboNegotiator connects two or more parties anonymously to close special price product deals through unbiased and expedited negotiations.

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About RoboNegotiator

The economy is tough, and consumers have leveled up their tactics. While small-ticket items are bought immediately and on a regular basis, higher-end items sit idle in inventory for far too long. An outside-the-box approach is required to get these items sold. Coupons, discounts, auctions and sales all lose their meaning when consumers need to match the sellers minimum price. Many buyers want the gratification of knowing that they saved money by making a deal, and they are willing to delay purchases and look elsewhere to get that gratification.

On other hand, sellers and companies pay thousands of dollars for website traffic, yet statistically, 90 - 97% of website visitors don't buy anything. Consumers look at the catalog and they walk away with empty shopping carts. With RoboNegotiator, consumers get the satisfaction of saving money by making special deals. And sellers B2B/B2C/eCommerce companies Again advantages as well.


How It Works

If You Are a Seller

Upload Special Deals * Configure Negotiation Rules

You get to decide on which products and services should have special deals. Everything can work according to your convenience. All you need to do is upload the deals to RoboNegotiator Engine and our buyers will see what you have to offer. RoboNegotiator gives historical and market trends along with buyer's demographics for you to decide on your deals. You can also configure rules and parameters for Negotiation through our auto-pilot negotiation mode.

Be Matched With Committed Buyers

Once you upload the special deals to RoboNegotiator and configure your negotiation preferences (rules), our match-identifying software will find matching customers through your website(s) and also through our own Deals Catalog (new Sales Channel).

If You Are a Buyer

Discover Premium Deals

Don't use Add to Shopping Cart mechanism anymore. Demand and ask for RoboNegotiator method of counter-offering to your sellers. Products with special deals from many e*Commerce websites will allow you to counter-offer. Wait and hope you get better price than the listed price!

Commit Your Bid & Be Matched With The Perfect Seller

Once you find your perfect product, you can commit your interest while providing your best counter offer through RoboNegotiator. If you have a question or feedback to give, let's do that too. We will find matching deal (if any) from a seller and if it is close to your offer, you will get the opportunity to negotiate further.