RoboNegotiator (Beta) - Find Consumers & Sell More through Online Negotiation

RoboNegotiator is a software based matching and negotiation service (SaaS) that connects two or more parties (buyers and sellers for example)  anonymously to close special price deals via neutral negotiations if required.  We provide classic negotiation (where you control outcome) and also automated negotiations employing advanced negotiation techniques. 

With secured APIs, it can be integrated to any website or a mobile app, and it works in parallel to your own platform.  RoboNegotiator can be applied in e*Commerce, peer to peer negotiations, personal relationships (dating) and many industries where negotiation is common.

Having RoboNegotiator integrated in your eCommerce website or app, you allow your own website visitors to provide feedback and counter-offers for your products/services.  Now your consumers can provide you additional data instead of walking away from your websites.

Animated image on right side explains it clearly.

We are in “Beta” phase and offering our services for free for limited time. 

RoboNegotiator Applications


I use thousands of dollars to get more website traffic. However, 95% of website visitors do not buy a product after visiting. Essentially, I am paying for merely 3 – 5% conversion rates. My other choice is to pay huge commission to third-party eCommerce platform/re-sellers (middlemen companies).

I would like to divert this expense in form of great deals to my consumers instead and get direct feedback and counter-offers on the products I am selling.


I consider myself a smart-shopper and I love online shopping; However, eCommerce industry forces me to buy a product at a listed price or walk away and find another seller selling the same product cheaper. Finding a deal for my nice-to-have products is my problem and I can wait for a deal.

I don’t mind negotiating and providing my counter-offers to sellers. Why don’t sellers give great deals to consumers instead of spending on marketing and commission?


Whether you are buying or selling, negotiation is a necessary and important part of the process. This is especially the case when dealing with high-value items, such as real estate and vehicles.

Most people have a difficult time with the negotiation process for a simple reason—it isn’t easy. For those unfamiliar with it, negotiation can be a daunting task. They don’t want to be taken advantage of, and they aren’t exactly sure how to advocate for themselves, ensuring that they get the best deal possible. It can be awkward, intimidating and time-consuming, not to mention an overall nuisance.


Our Internet-based negotiation services are unbiased and neutral, making us the safer choice for all parties concerned. In addition to greatly speeding up the process, we’re much more cost-effective—unlike other negotiation services, we won’t charge you 15 – 30% commission. In fact, we are free for limited time.

We simply provide independent, unbiased negotiation to help you reach the most mutually beneficial arrangement, and we save you time and money doing it. If you are dealing with other party (whether a client or provider, buyer or seller), you can check out our services for free.

RoboNegotiator Demonstration

RoboNegotiator – Quick Intro & Demo