Inventory Clearance & Increased Conversion through Online Negotiations 
Inventory Clearance & Increased Conversion through Online Negotiations

Inventory Clearance & Increased Conversion through Online Negotiations

Negotiation can be a win-win solution. You want to sell more while buyers want to save more.

Automate your sales and negotiation practice using our AI, Business Analytics and Auto-Pilot Mode.

Utilize your existing website traffic & close more deals.

Inventory Clearance & Increased Conversion through Online Negotiations

Unbiased, Anonymous, Patent-Pending, Smart Negotiation Service Platform

If you believe,  price does play a role in buyer’s decision making and there is a room  for negotiation/ bargaining in your online business,  you have come to right place. 3-5% conversion rate in eCommerce industry shows that problem is never about the website traffic but it is always about selling a right product at a right price. 

We connect two or more parties (buyers and sellers for example) anonymously to close special price product deals via neutral and expedited negotiations as and when required. Integrate in your own eCommerce website and get additional sales channels. Use our private mode to reduce your inventory fast. Guaranteed increase in conversion rate.

Find New Buyers/ Clear Inventory / Increase Conversion Rate

We also find new buyers from other sales channels. Our FREE basic subscription plan or FREE Beta offer for Premium Plan allows you to try effectiveness of RoboNegotiator without any risk. Sell more, increase conversion rate and help your own website traffic. Result: Increased Sales without any risk or cost

Online Negotiation using Emails & Texting

You can negotiate with your buyers and website visitors directly though integrating RoboNegotiator in your own web pages. We provide secured APIs. You decide products, quantity and minimum selling price, and we do the rest. Cost conscious buyers get to negotiate with you through texting and emailing. Result: More Conversion, Happy Customers. More Sale.

Increased Profit through Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

We also provide business analytics and AI/ Machine Learning Tools for maximum profit. Get insight about your listing price, deal price and negotiation aspects based on historical trends. Result: Negotiate but sell on your terms.

Automate Your Sales & Negotiation

With "Auto-Pilot Negotiation Mode", you can put your online sales and negotiation in automation mode. Configure negotiation parameters and rules for taking care of your buyers while achieving maximum profit for yourself. Our negotiation process will honor your preferences. Result: Maximum Profit and Customer Satisfaction

Take care of existing website traffic / Avoid spending on acquiring traffic

Typically online shoppers walk away from your web site when they are forced to pay a higher price than they are willing to pay. Having RoboNegotiator integrated in your eCommerce website or app, you allow your own website visitors to provide feedback and counter-offers for your products/services.  Now your consumers can provide you additional data instead of walking away from your websites. We recommend taking care of your existing website traffic instead of spending thousands in acquiring more traffic.

Expedite negotiation through our patent-pending technologies. We provide texting/ email based updates for a quick progress.

We are in “Beta” phase and offering our full services for free for 6 months – $99/month value.

We Ease & Automate the Negotiation Process

Companies often don’t recognize missed opportunities, and buyers continuously look for
deals while putting off purchasing decisions. Take care of your cost conscious customers and learn from their visits.


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Relevance of Negotiations in E*commerce
(Win-Win Relationship for Buyers & Sellers)

I Am a Seller

I use thousands of dollars to get more website traffic. However, 95% of website visitors do not buy a product after visiting. Essentially, I am paying for merely 3 – 5% conversion rates. My other choice is to pay huge commission to third-party eCommerce platform/re-sellers (middlemen companies).

I would like to divert this expense in form of great deals to my consumers instead and get direct feedback and counter-offers on the products I am selling.

I Am a Buyer

I consider myself a smart-shopper and I love online shopping; However, eCommerce industry forces me to buy a product at a listed price or walk away and find another seller selling the same product cheaper. Finding a deal for my nice-to-have products is my problem and I can wait for a deal.

I don’t mind negotiating and providing my counter-offers to sellers. Why don’t sellers give great deals to consumers instead of spending on marketing and commission?


Whether you are buying or selling, negotiation is a necessary and important part of the process.  While it is an acquired and special skills, we all negotiate while buying/selling cars and/or real estate. 

We are bringing negotiation to online commerce and believe it is required when dealing with high-value items costing above several hundred dollars.


Our Internet-based negotiation services are unbiased and neutral, making us the safer choice for all parties concerned. In addition to greatly speeding up the process, we’re much more cost-effective—unlike other negotiation services, we won’t charge you 15 – 30% commission. In fact, we are free for limited time.