Who Are We?

We serve as a match identifier for buyers and sellers in the eCommerce space. There are people all over the world – sellers with an inventory of goods and services and buyers with a specific budget – who are in search of the right match. The right match provides profit for sellers and value for buyers. RoboNegotiator facilitates the matchmaking process, finding the perfect matches that lead to successful deals.

We create new opportunities! 
We give these sellers and buyers an optimal third choice. 

Who Do We Help?

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or operating as an individual, we help buyers and sellers alike. Our AI-driven, next-generation software helps sellers close deals and helps buyers find deals, creating new opportunities for both parties. RoboNegotiator operates as an unbiased mediator, ensuring that our anonymous clients find each other and reach mutually agreed upon deals.

Our Guiding Principles

Confidentiality & Neutrality  are the key parts of our mediation process. Our patent-pending, secure match engine only releases your contact information when an exact match has been made. Our primary goal is to help you close the perfect deals while remaining neutral and unbiased, all in a secure, confidential environment.


We Ease the Process


Companies often don’t recognize missed opportunities, and buyers continuously look for deals while putting off purchasing decisions. This is where RoboNegotiator comes in. As a confidential and neutral mediator, we do the work for you – from narrowing down your list of potential options to conducting the entire negotiation process. What typically requires days or weeks to accomplish, we can do for you in hours, if not minutes. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we’ll provide you with perfect matches in no time!

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Finding Buyers & Sellers

Get connected to the perfect buyers (or sellers) for the goods/services you are providing (or looking for). RoboNegotiator gives you the 3rd choice.

Negotiate Online

Speed up the negotiation process by letting us do it for you. Everything happens online, removing the need for a face-to-face meeting.

Mutual Interests

Want to verify if someone you know shares same interests as you? We can find that out for you – anonymously! We also welcome additional ideas.

Why RoboNegotiator?

1. For Sellers, B2B & B2C Companies

Register for free, in 2018, and get all the necessary tools and support you need to start negotiating and counter offering successfully. The feature will be present on your own websites and mobile applications. You get to decide on the products, their quantity, and your lowest price at which you want to offer the deal. With that information, we will do the rest to close the deal. This feature will turn more traffic on your site into conversions. You will also receive analytics from all counter offers in order to price your products better on your catalog.

2. Quick Negotiations = Closed Deals

If you already have another party whom you want to close a deal with, you can make use of our next-level negotiation techniques to reach common ground sooner. Instead of taking weeks and months to negotiate, you can close your deal in hours.


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