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This page shows all the Special Deals our sellers from various sources have uploaded specially for RoboNegotiator consumers. We are in business of introducing and negotiating. Your commitment is important as your feedback/ratings may degrade if you turn down purchasing after successful deal closure.

You should have enough information here to make the decision if you want to buy any of these items and at what price.

  • RoboNegotiator would ignore your request if there is no match. If no seller ready to entertain your offer.
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  • No need to go back and forth; name your price and let RoboNegotiator find the seller selling this same item at your price
Red BMW X5
  • $63000
  • BMW | X5 M-Package | Red
Green Lexus (2005) for Sale
  • $5000
  • Lexus | ES330 | Green
Toyota Camry
  • $$25000
  • Camry | 2007 | BLACK
Beauty & The Beast
  • $60000
  • Mercedes Benz | GLE 350 | White