The eCommerce Problem:


Left with no choice when faced with products that do not meet their budget – they are forced to:


  1. Purchase at a higher price, purchase a low quality good that matches their budget, or
  2. Walk away with nothing.


Sellers have to use thousands of dollars to get more website traffic:

But latest statistics have revealed that 95% of website visitors do not buy a product after visiting. Essentially, sellers are paying a great deal of money for 3 – 5% conversion rates. They are left with a choice of continuing to:

  1. Pay large sums of money to attract traffic to their sites or
  2. Do market comparison and keep lowering prices in hope of more conversions



Enter RoboNegotiator

This is where RoboNegotiator comes handy and gives a third choice to both buyers and sellers.

Buyers can now counter offer with deals they are interested in. In order to be matched with a seller willing to negotiate, buyers must show commitment to the deal, only then will the process of closing the deal take place.

Sellers will now have a chance to learn, from their site analytics, the kinds of services and/or products they need to focus on. RoboNegotiator offers sellers an option to post exclusive, hidden deals that are specifically for buyers who show commitment.