Frequently Asked Questions


What is your main service? Do you find deals or negotiate deals?

We match terms from two or more parties and introduce them only where there is a confirmed match.  We assist with negotiating deals when required. The RoboNegotiator Engine (algorithm) can be used by any application to facilitate closing deals.

Can I integrate the RoboNegotiator Engine (algorithm) into my own website or mobile application?

Yes, you can. That is our basic business and primary goal for our success. Many companies in the B2B and B2C space can leverage our one-of-a-kind platform. We will provide top-notch technical support and all relevant documentation so your IT Engineers can easily integrate our service into your website or application. RoboNegotiator will also serve as an additional channel for you to reach out to a new set of customers.

What are the other use cases where RoboNegotiator can help?

Wherever there is a need to find someone, negotiate with someone, verify if s/he is interested in what you have to offer – all these situations can use RoboNegotiator.

Dating, eCommerce, Real Estate Purchase (sale by owner for example), Automotive Purchase, Deals in day-to-day services like Spa, Tutoring, Handymen and many more can benefit from RoboNegotiator.

How do you charge for allowing us to use the RoboNegotiator Engine? Where do you make money from?

The good news, for you, is that RoboNegotiator is free for a limited time to integrate within your web sites and mobile apps. We are in the process of learning from our customers, so think of this free period as a prime time for you to experience all the benefits, while providing us with key feedback. Ultimately, we are offering a Peer to Peer Marketplace that is free for everyone – for a limited time.

Once we prove our worth; we will charge companies integrating RoboNegotiator in several possible ways:

(a) Subscriptions

(b) By Number of Requests Submitted for Matching

(c) Number of Requests Matched

I see Introducer, Negotiator and RoboNegotiator Terms. Can you clarify what they are?

RoboNegotiator’s main purpose is to introduce you to another party that shares the same interests, deal terms and skills as you, so you can directly work out your personal and professional dealing with that party.

However, we all have our terms and, hence, it is important to negotiate before agreeing to terms.

RoboNegotiator allows companies/individuals to find other parties interested in their products/services and similarly helps in negotiating if there is a gap between expectations.

I am a wholesaler and have limited quantity of products to sell at a special price. Can I use RoboNegotiator?

RoboNegotiator is for cost-conscious customers who would love to bargain. Instead of falling for coupons and other discounts, these buyers are committed to buy if your offer matches their budget. Contact Us to understand how you can put your products (even in limited quantity) to our buyers here.

Peer to Peer Marketplace – Are you an eCommerce platform?

Peer to Peer Marketplace is just a way to demonstrate how RoboNegotiator can introduce and negotiate between two matched parties who want to do business with each other.  We only deal with identifying matches, negotiation, and ensuring that deals are closed.

What happens if I commit to buy or sell at certain price and then I change my mind?

If your request is not matched to anyone, there is no risk and your request will be deleted from system in due time. However, if you do get matched with someone and you cannot back your own commitment, it poses a risk.

RoboNegotiator wants to provide a trustworthy experience that you can count on. We collect feedback from matched parties and use it to decide if we should entertain certain customers or not in future. We suggest you think twice before changing your mind and only decide to move forward once you know you are committed.

What is the difference between RoboNegotiator and other top eCommerce sites?

RoboNegotiator is for bargain hunters, deal-conscious consumers, and other parties who have tried alternative eCommerce sites, and could not find products or services in their price range. We keep your interests to buy/sell private. We also ensure that the deals you close are done so within your price range.

How secure is my request in RoboNegotiator? How can we be 100% sure that no one else sees my request with my identity and/or cost?

Our RoboNegotiator Engine is independent and unbiased. Your interest or service request will remain hidden from all other users and will only be revealed to matched parties that guarantee their commitment.


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