Why RoboNegotiator?

The economy is tough, and consumers have leveled up their tactics. While small-ticket items are bought immediately and on a regular basis, higher-end items sit idle in inventory for far too long. An outside-the-box approach is required to get these items sold. Coupons, discounts, auctions and sales all lose their meaning when consumers need to match the seller’s minimum price. Many buyers want the gratification of knowing that they saved money by making a deal, and they’re willing to delay purchases and look elsewhere to get that gratification.

On other hand, sellers and companies pay thousands of dollars for website traffic, yet statistically, 90 – 97% of website visitors don’t buy anything. Consumers look at the catalog and they walk away with empty shopping carts. With RoboNegotiator, consumers get the satisfaction of saving money by making special deals. And sellers—B2B/B2C/eCommerce companies—gain advantages as well.

  • We help sellers get increased conversation rates through special deals managed by our platform.
  • We provide sellers business analytics, so they know how their products are performing for a given listing price and how consumers are responding to those items.
  • We also provide a new sales channel, in form of our own Marketplace. Our Deals Catalog acts as a new platform for users to come back and look at your products without knowing the exact deal price or precise seller information.
  • We’re currently in the beta phase, and our initial adopters (beta partners) will get huge indirect marketing exposure when we launch in early 2019.
  • We also let consumers provide feedback and questions independently, helping improve customer satisfaction by giving them open lines of communication.
  • We also guarantee increased revenue for you and provide cash incentives for your efforts if sales don’t increase. Ask us for the free eCommerce website if you are launching a new eCommerce store for expensive items/products.