Integrate with RoboNegotiator


5 Advantages for Integrating with RoboNegotiator

You gain following advantages for your company, eCommerce site, or your mobile applications.

  1. With RoboNegotiator, we give sellers an opportunity to increase conversions through exposing their deals to potentially committed buyers. Chances of increased conversions are heightened by giving buyers an opportunity to counter offer.
  2.  Buyers, through RoboNegotiator, will be exposed to exclusive deals from sellers on our platform. If interested, they can make a request to counter offer and negotiate.
  3.  We will also provide you with Business Analytics on how your consumers are interacting with your products and offerings.
  4.  The best thing is: all these services are FREE for the whole of 2018. You get all of these features to boost your business, without any extra charges
  5. We are in a beta testing phase and are only inviting a handful companies to work with us at this time so we can perfect our services. As an early adopter, you get to participate in our upcoming big bang marketing campaigns in winter (early 2019).  

How will it integrate with your website or app?

The RoboNegotiator solution works as a Web Service as well as through a Web Portal where sellers can provide us their confidential information for committed customers. With our Web Services (REST API), your web developers can easily integrate our service into your website/app.

  1. We provide you with a button that will be placed on your website or application. When that logo is clicked, your site visitor will be brought to our site where they will find information about your products and services. All that will be required, from your end, is for your web developer to make a minor change that will allow you to integrate with RoboNegotiator seamlessly.

2.We will also provide you with a secure web portal where you can manage your products and also view key reports and trends with your site visitors.


Tried and Tested

We have run a successful trial with Customer Decides – a Shopify store that sells high end items – houses, cars, and other valuable items – directly to consumers through their standard Shopping Car mechanisms.

Due to the nature of the products being sold, it is important that customers get to negotiate and have interactions with the seller. Take a look at how they have integrated RoboNegotiator services with some of their products.

The company has provided exclusive discounts to RoboNegotiator to match with the buyer’s counter offer. We match these two prices – as the middlemen we are – and we bring the deal to a close.

You can find a couple of examples here:

Car Deal through RoboNegotiator

Real Estate Deal through RoboNegotiator


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