In The Real World

we all face situations where we need a mediator to close a deal or fulfill an interest. We’ll often find that other people will want to ask a similar thing but end up feeling unsure of how to initiate the process of communication or negotiation. Here are a few examples (maybe you’ll find one you relate to):

Potential Cases

  • John has a potential love interest but, due to a conflict of interest, does not have the confidence to ask her out directly. He is in search of a mediating service that can help him initiate the process.

  • “I would like to go into a Wi-Fi sharing deal with all the residents in my apartment. I feel it would be cheaper for everyone involved, but I am have no idea how to start the negotiation process…”

  • “I’m considering converting my personal Facebook profile into a professional page for my business. I have 750 friends but I’m not sure how many of them actually support what I am doing. How can I verify that?”
  • “My brother-in-law wants to buy my car, and I want to sell my car too, but I’d like us to have a formal mediator to assist with the process because we can’t openly discuss this. Personal reasons.”

Enter RoboNegotiator

RoboNegotiator Works as an anonymous middleman who can reveal the identity of two parties upon a successful match.

For example, in John’s case, he can log his desire to ask Linda on a date, through RoboNegotiator, and Linda won’t know unless she has reciprocated the desire to date John in RoboNegotiator too. The two will only be revealed to each other once a match has been made and both parties commit to the “deal”.