Whether you are buying or selling, negotiation is a necessary and important part of the process. This is especially the case when dealing with high-value items, such as real estate and vehicles.

Most people have a difficult time with the negotiation process for a simple reason—it isn’t easy. For those unfamiliar with it, negotiation can be a daunting task. They don’t want to be taken advantage of, and they aren’t exactly sure how to advocate for themselves, ensuring that they get the best deal possible. It can be awkward, intimidating and time-consuming, not to mention an overall nuisance.

Enter RoboNegotiator

Our Internet-based negotiation services are unbiased and neutral, making us the safer choice for all parties concerned. In addition to greatly speeding up the process, we’re much more cost-effective—unlike other negotiation services, we won’t charge you 15 – 30% commission. We simply provide independent, unbiased negotiation to help you reach the most mutually beneficial arrangement, and we save you time and money doing it.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Seller provides their ideal sale price to RoboNegotiator
  • The Buyer provides their ideal purchase price to RoboNegotiator
  • We then use our patent-pending, artificial intelligence algorithm to determine if the numbers provided are worthy of negotiation. For instance, we automatically disregard low-ball offers
  • Our negotiation process employs emails and/or text messaging and follows systematic methodology, including Automatic Negotiation, Classic Real World Negotiation and Guided Negotiation, depending on the precise nature of the negotiation at hand
  • Once we find a promising match and mutually agreed deal terms, we introduce two parties so they can connect with each other and finish remaining formalities related to their negotiation needs

No one finds and negotiates deals faster, smoother or with higher client satisfaction than RoboNegotiator. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your negotiation needs!

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