RoboNegotiator Matching & Negotiation Platform

We provide our services in form of APIs, so many eCommerce websites and applications can integrate directly with RoboNegotiator. We utilize the same feature through our own website/Marketplace as well. Our users interact with our patent-pending match engine through purpose-built landing pages and/or portals

E*Commerce Marketplace

Deals Catalog – Lists all deals uploaded by our sellers – individuals & B2B/B2C/E*Commerce companies.

Upload a Deal – Direct way to connect to our Web APIs and upload deals.

Negotiation System

Negotiate with someone directly and for free, in order to see our RoboNegotiator in action.

Integrated Partners

his is where you as a website visitor or buyer will have access to RoboNegotiator. We provide banners and links in all product catalogs where potential deals appear.

Match Engine

This is our patent-pending, intuitive and unbiased Match Engine Software, where sellers’ deals and consumers’ offers are matched. Negotiation Module is also kicked off from our Match Engine.

Matching Sellers with Buyers & Neutral Negotiations

Our match engine receives the best deals from various sellers. We work with many B2B/B2C/eCommerce companies to get these special deals. We also show these deals (products, services) in the Deals Catalog of our own portal (Marketplace), allowing website visitors to view them and commit their offers.

Our Partners’ Websites/Apps,

Through our website and our partners’ websites/apps, we attract many consumers who provide feedback and offers on listed items in the products catalogs using the “Submit Feedback & Offer” option, allowing them to interact instead of just walking away.

Our Patent

Our patent-pending algorithm (Match Engine) saves all deals and customer offers in a database, and runs complex match processing to make sure sellers and buyers are interested in the same products/services. Using Deal Prices and Customer Offers, we either introduce the parties involved (when buyers offer more than seller’s expectations), offer negotiations (when sellers and buyers are close to making a deal), or ignore them (when offers are too far from deals). We protect the identities of both parties involved, and all deals are conducted and closed neutrally, with no bias involved whatsoever.

Parties Are Close

If two parties are close in their original offers and choose to negotiate, we provide three forms of negotiation to speed the process – Automatic, Classic, and Guided Methods. In most cases, we go back and forth independently between buyers and sellers, facilitating a mutually agreed upon arrangement.

Successful Negotiation

When a deal is reached (Successful Negotiation), we introduce two parties – providing their details (contact and negotiated amount) via email and/or text. If no deal takes place, all interests and requests are deleted without anyone gaining private information. Throughout the negotiation process, everything is carried out confidentially. Once two parties are introduced, following a successful matching/negotiation, they can finalize all the remaining formalities directly with each other – terms of payment, shipping, pickup.

Lastly, we also allow two parties – who know each other – to negotiate directly through the RoboNegotiator Match Engine without the need to navigate the decision-making process face-to-face. Everything online and in expedite way.